Our generation often wonders where our future will lead to. An attitude of rebellion and the desire for elegance and simplicity are what give birth to RebelBomb.

The RebelBomb universe offers a lifestyle for those who enjoy listening to 90's techno, collecting art from catching artists or wearing designer sneakers as a statement. The collection is made for men and women with strong, brave and individual personalities. People with a sense of taste, a savvy eye and an artful mindset.

With an avant-garde yet futuristic aesthetic, the spirit of the brand navigates through Jackson Pollock’s action painting, the cosmopolitan fashion scene of New York and the Brutalist design of modernism architecture.

There is this faux nostalgia: the age of space. An utopia for all human beings. A time where earth's problems will become nothing but a distant memory, and life will evolve in an artificial ecosystem built by humans; the ultimate dream.

This is just the beginning. The uncertainty of the future is what keeps us creating. More will follow. Join.

Rebel Bomb bomb